Battlefield: Bad Company 2 "VIP Map Pack 4" Now Available

Online soldiers have a few more reasons to squad up in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 today, as a somewhat new map pack has arrived on consoles and PC.

VIP Map Pack 4 adds new modes to current Bad Company 2 maps Atacama Desert and Port Valdez. In Atacama Desert players can now partake in "Rush Mode," jockeying for position on the sandy wasteland. Conquest fans will now be able to fight alongside allies on Port Valdez, where U.S. command must defend the harbor from a Russion onslaught. BOOM video 5707

PC players will have the content freely patched into their current game, while console players with new copies of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 who have already registered their included VIP code will be able to download the new variations. For console soldiers who have yet to register their VIP code, we ask, "What are you waiting for?"