Bungie Reveals Blood Gulch Revival in Halo: Reach "Deja View" Trailer

Continuing their love for the number seven and adopting July 7 as "Bungie Day," the developer that built Master Chief has just released a trailer showcasing the return of the map Blood Gulch and a new armor ability in the highly-anticipated Halo: Reach.

In the trailer "Deja View," the two combating squads from Red vs. Blue are said to be "going home" only to arrive in a lush variation of Blood Gulch, the classic map from Halo: Combat Evolved.

BOOM video 5704

The video also features the Spartan "hologram" armor ability, which allows players to drop a replica of themselves into the world with the intention of confusing opponents. The replica also comes in handy for players looking to spend some quality time with a relatable soldier during lonely matches of Free for All.