The Settlers 7 Patch 1.07 Arrives

The Settlers 7 has been updated to version 1.07 with a patch available on FileShack in two flavours--one which updates any version and one for v1.01 and above.

The patch brings a handful of bug fixes and improvements to Blue Byte's city-building strategy game as well as renovating two campaign maps for multiplayer modes.


The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom was crippled at launch after problems with publisher Ubisoft's new DRM scheme--which requires players be online at all times--left many unable to play their shiny new game.

The full changelog for Patch 1.07 follows below.

    • Added a feedback to construction buildings when constructors cannot be spawned due to a lack of living space
    • The ingame chat is now available on the defeated / victory screen
    • The name of the winning player is now displayed on the victory screen
    • Improved desync handling. Desync cause will be removed, so the remaining players are able to continue playing
    • Improved stability
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that settlers returned goods to the occupying enemy after their castle has been conquered
    • Fixed constructors not working, if their construction building is located at dead ends
    • Fixed a bug that special events occasionally did not start
    • Fixed a bug that lost sessions would not be counted for the 'Heat of Battle' achievement
    • Improved logistics load balancing, fixing wells which stopped production on large maps
    • Fixed various crashes
    • Fixed various minor bugs
    New Content
    • Enjoy the seventh and eleventh campaign map, optimized for skirmish and multiplayer
      • Mordsweiler:
        Four rivals compete to reign supreme in Mordsweiler, a wide valley high up in the mountains of Tandria. It may be beneficial to choose your strategy wisely depending on your starting position. There are two marketplaces allowing trade with the world behind the high mountains, one located at the western border, the other at the eastern border. To the north is a cavernous labyrinth of cliffs, a defended sector which offers a victory point when conquered. If you are looking for help in overcoming your competitors, search for the Pilgrimage Site in the north, the Enchanted Tower in the southeast or the Dark Fortress in the southwest.
      • Nienroth:
        The Realm of Nienroth is divided by a broad river. Two rulers have set up camp on opposing sides of the river. By the riverside, you'll find another town sector - already fortified by palisades - which offers a victory point when conquered. Long bridges grant access to a huge river port located nearby. Two special places are also worth a visit; the Royal Observatory in the northwestern mountains and the Ancient Library near the meandering river in the south. Choose your tactics wisely depending on your starting position, as it may favor a certain strategy.
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