Worms 2: Armageddon 'Battle Pack' DLC Released

BOOM widget 135313 Ferrets, termites and a new campaign are among the goodies in Worms 2: Armaggedon's 'Battle Pack' downloadable content, which was released today on Xbox 360.

Costing 400 Microsoft Points ($5), the Battle Pack packs six new weapons and utilities, ten new forts, a thirty-level Deathmatch campaign, a new singleplayer mode, new customisation elements including voices and hats, and "enhanced landscape themes" plus, of course, more achievements for you to covet.

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The full list of Battle Pack features follows below.

    New single-player content:
    • Warzone Campaign - 30 all-new single-player Deathmatches (with an additional Achievement for completion)
    • Body Count Single Player Mode (one level per theme and one random level)
    • 7 Body Count Leaderboards
    New weapons and utilities - 6 new weapons/utilities:
    • The Three Ferrets (an animal-based explosive attack)
    • Termites (an animal based "quick" tunnel creation)
    • Marked For Death (utility that doubles the effect of any damage taken)
    • Invisibility
    • Steal
    • Worship (utility that places a statue which simultaneously heals your team while damaging any opponents)
    • Extra Achievement for the use of all new weapons
    Forts additions:
    • 10 all new Forts (includes 2 contest-winning Forts designed by Facebook Worms Fans)
    • Super Forts Game Style including ranked Leaderboard
    • Extra Achievement for winning a game on each new Fort
    New Game Styles:
    • New Warzone Game Style
    • New Super Forts Style
    Customization elements:
    • A range of new customization features; new voices and hats.
    • Additional colour variants of all existing hats
    • Custom HUDs - 'light-side', 'dark-side' and 'fire'
    • 40 new player titles
    • Custom particle sets for light side and dark side players
    Bonus Landscape themes - enhanced landscape themes to make a total of 13:
    • Warzone (all new)
    • Arctic
    • London
    • Hawaii
    • Space
    • Hell
    • Jungle