TF2 Engineer Update Bringing Remote-Controlled Turret, New Payload Map

The second round of revelations for Team Fortress 2's Engineer Update has arrived, showing off a remote control device for turrets and a new Payload mode map.

Replacing the pistol, 'The Wrangler' allows Engineers to take over all targeting duties of their turret. It also creates a shield to absorb 66% of all damage and double the firing rate. However, the turret is inactive for three seconds if the engineer switches weapons.


The new Payload map, Upward, brings an uphill struggle to destroy a seemingly-abandoned Red complex upon a mountaintop. "Blow it up to be safe," the engi advises.

Developer Valve has also revealed the update's new achievements, dropping a heavy hint that the Engineer might receive a guitar item. Guitars are featured in the icons for the 'Honky Tonk Man' and 'Six-String Stinger' achievements, the latter closely resembling achievements given for taunting while holding a specific weapon. The engineer was of course seen twanging on a guitar in the Meet the Engineer video way back in 2007.

Further details will be unveiled as players continue to craft the limited edition golden wrenches. The Engineer Update is due to be released for PC and Mac on Thursday.