Morning Discussion

Last week I managed to inflate my digital collection of PC titles from 60 to nearly 100, thanks to all of the holiday-based sales online. Since then I've been wondering when I'll have the time to play my newest acquisitions and why I made certain choices with my money.

Did adding Saw: The Video Game to my collection fulfill some imaginary "missing piece" of my gamer soul? At the same time, did I need to purchase the Civilization IV bundle, effectively giving me a third copy of the primary game in the package? No, of course not. But I know a good deal when I see one and playing games is one of the pieces associated with my job. Sadly, each new game in my collection is labeled with the same note: "I'll play it when I have time. I'll play it later."

You know "later," right? It's that magical moment that never arrives. Why? Because even though I don't know when "later" is, I do know it isn't "right now." Fact is, the attractiveness of my collection living somewhere that is accessible at any internet-connected time is sometimes the best part of the offer. After all, what happens if "later" comes and I'm not at my regular computer?

Although I've managed to get a lot of new content, I still haven't managed to find any new hours in the day. But I'm not worried because I promised to make good on these purchases and play them all ... later.
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