Weekend Discussion: North America Holiday Edition

As much as I appreciate the fantastic sale prices on Steam, I'm not sure when I'm going to find the time to play any of the game's I've purchased. Thankfully, the July 4 long weekend is upon us, giving me more time to zone out and play the newest additions to my collection.

My first week as the Shacknews East Coast Editor complete (with, admittedly, a few speed bumps), I think I deserve some to play a few games ... and not just write about them. Speaking of sales, here are a few other deals happening this week to hurt your wallet and threaten your free time:
  • Good Old Games: 30% off Another world and Sanitarium until Monday
  • Impulse: 50% Company of Heroes: Complete (and a much more) on sale
  • Direct2Drive: Daily deals to celebrate the site's recent redesign
  • GamersGate: Celebrating America, with a few interesting offers
What are you playing this weekend?
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