Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Hits Xbox 360, Requires Code

By Brian Leahy, Jul 01, 2010 12:00pm PDT A demo for IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is now available on the Xbox 360... for some. See, this demo is so "exclusive" that it requires a code to access.

Codes can potentially be snagged in a variety of ways, as collected by Joystiq.

  • Register at KaneandLynch.com
  • Watch the Xbox 360 Dashboard on your console, you might get a chance "soon"
  • Check 1UP for a chance at 1 of 1,000 codes.

The demo includes some singleplayer from mission #4, which takes place in and around a restaurant in Shanghai along with some multiplayer action. I got a chance to play a bit of this mission at E3 along with learning about the game's multiplayer modes. Then, I wrote a preview. Read that preview!

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  • Haha this is just awesome!

    It's bad enough as a game already with the horrible camera, and the graphical corruption of the lighting is just plain ugly. The single player mode is nothing new and the multiplayer is just plain gross! Always the same 4 minute levels that just invite people to be assholes and fuck others over will piss pretty much everyone off sooner or later. Add plenty of rediculous bugs to that and the mess is complete.

    No wonder you need a code for this demo, else there is nobody left that will actually buy it =P