Kane & Lynch 2 Demo Hits Xbox 360, Requires Code

A demo for IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is now available on the Xbox 360... for some. See, this demo is so "exclusive" that it requires a code to access.


Codes can potentially be snagged in a variety of ways, as collected by Joystiq.

  • Register at KaneandLynch.com
  • Watch the Xbox 360 Dashboard on your console, you might get a chance "soon"
  • Check 1UP for a chance at 1 of 1,000 codes.

The demo includes some singleplayer from mission #4, which takes place in and around a restaurant in Shanghai along with some multiplayer action. I got a chance to play a bit of this mission at E3 along with learning about the game's multiplayer modes. Then, I wrote a preview. Read that preview!