Toshihiro Nagoshi Confirms New Yakuza for PS3 in Famitsu Interview

It appears one "currently in production" Yakuza title is not enough for Sega, as series director Toshihiro Nagoshi recently told Famitsu (via andriasang) a new game in the popular franchise is already in development for the PS3.

Although Nagoshi was tightlipped on details, he did confirm recurring character Majima Goro would be a playable character in the upcoming title. (Andriasang notes Nagoshi seemed "careful" when describing Goro as a playable character, leaving the site to hypothesize the possibility of multiple playable characters. Nagoshi did not discuss this possibility.)

According to Nagoshi, details for the new Yakuza, which he wouldn't commit to naming Yakuza 5 (or Ryu ga Gotoku 5, in Japan), are expected to release during the 2010 Tokyo Game Show this September.

Nagoshi's team is currently developing a spinoff title in the Yakuza franchise, exclusively for the PSP.