Morning Discussion

On his final day as a full-time staff member of Shacknews, your old friend (and my latest) Chris Faylor promised that today you would meet the newest member of this site's editorial team. I was the person Chris was referring to.

My name is Xav de Matos. (Yes, you're probably pronouncing it wrong.) Prior to my new position as Shacknews' East Coast Editor, I was a contributing editor at Joystiq for nearly three years. I was also a regular freelance contributor to the John Davison-helmed GamePro Magazine reboot and a pop-culture writer for a number of AOL-branded websites. In 2008, I was part of the team that helped launch AOL's PC-focused site Big Download where I both produced and hosted the site's podcast and was a regular editorial contributor.

As for my current podcasting chops, I produce and host a weekly show that focuses on giving advice to aspiring video game freelance writers, aptly named The Freelancers. (But more on that another day.)

When I heard there was an opportunity to join Shacknews, I jumped at the chance from my ice-covered chalet in Toronto, Canada. Not only is this site known for having one of the most dedicated communities attached to it, Shacknews is a site that I feel is on the verge of exponential growth.

Like you, I don't want the core of what makes Shacknews so unique to change; however, there is great potential to strengthen how we investigate and report the news, along with the opportunity to develop exclusive content tailored to this incredible community.

I'm very happy to be a part of this team and look forward to working hard to gain your trust and respect.

And I promise to refrain from posting any bad Photoshop jobs for a quick laugh; or I'll at least really try not to do it.
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