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By Brian Leahy, Jun 25, 2010 5:00pm PDT Next week should return to normal with news flowing again and E3 safely put to sleep for another year. It was a wild show and there are a lot of great games coming down the line.

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  • So I'm a hopeless starwars fan and recently broke down and bought The Force Unleashed from steam. I've rage quit the damn thing so many times because of how shitty the port to the PC is.

    At first I was playing with kb+mouse. If you change the keys from the default when you're in the game they're not updated during gameplay. This is important because the game has these simon says pseudo cut scenes where it tells you to mash a series of buttons so that you can "FINISH HIM". Do you remember that awesome electronic game from the 80s with the four colored buttons? Its like that.

    After getting pissed about that I put them back to the default and struggled because my hands kept going to my normal keys. I gave up on mouse+kb and switched to my 360 controller and it was better. At least the buttons showed up properly during simon says. I had to change the right thumbstick to be inverted and totally crank up the sensitivity on the camera. Prior to that I spent more time adjusting the view than I did actually fighting.

    I get cozy with the controls and start to have a feel for the gameplay and its pretty fun. However I've found two final things that are just fueling my frustration with this game. The big thing is this built in delay when you've been hit or fall down. Your guy literally stands there for a second while getting up or recovering. It is such a non-jedi like situation, totally being a moron standing there with shit ass reflexes. If you get knocked down you get back up in whatever direction you were facing when you landed. I would expect if I fell down looking left and decided that I might want to instead run right that a jedi could figure that out while getting up. Nope.

    Slightly less infuriating is the numerous and slightly unbelievable falling hazards. Pretty much every level has at least one area where you can run off a cliff or bridge and fall to your death. I've found a couple that are even 20 foot drops that still kill you. Awesome. This is exacerbated by the fact that just swinging your weapon makes the dude step forward. So you basically have a 50/50 chance of jumping after your dead opponent if you've decided to fight near a ledge. This is great considering that every planet I've been on are apparently all large floating rocks that are VERY high up.

    Safest place thus far have been the space stations which allow you to blow out the windows. The part that makes a boatload of sense is that your character is immune to the ensuing vacuum that sucks all opponents out of the room before the blast doors come down. Right... I don't flinch in the face of SPACE'S VACUUM but a little gravity on a planet is certain rapedeath.

    I've decided on a three falling hazard limit per day. I just reached that in about 20 minutes of game play. Sigh.