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By Brian Leahy, Jun 25, 2010 5:00pm PDT Next week should return to normal with news flowing again and E3 safely put to sleep for another year. It was a wild show and there are a lot of great games coming down the line.

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    Ok, I'm reviving this thread from MD.

    A couple days ago we had a discussion about NoSQL, and about Clay working on some Squabble code and how to properly model a shack-style threaded comments system that was performant.

    I started looking at something like CouchDB, and started modeling a thread as a JSON object, but I think it quickly got out of hand and it was obvious Couch wasn't the way to go.

    action roommate mentioned graph databases, and I remembered that I had started looking at Neo4J, an open-source "nosql" object graph database. I also found a pretty slick JRuby wrapper for it, and I've been playing around a little bit modeling a threaded comment system,and it seems to be working quite well so far.


    Anyway, my next steps are to recursively display a post with its comments, and have some sort of web interface for creating comments.