Rock Band DLC: Nickelback Six-Pack

Facing the near-impossible task of finding an act that can follow Miley Cyrus for next week's batch of Rock Band downloadable tunes, Harmonix has turned to... Nickelback.

Six tracks from the radio-friendly Canadian rockers will be released as downloadable content next week, which is possibly equivalent to two or three unique songs.

    Nickelback Pack
    • Nickelback - "Burn It to the Ground"
    • Nickelback - "Figured You Out"
    • Nickelback - "Never Again"
    • Nickelback - "Photograph"
    • Nickelback - "Rockstar"
    • Nickelback - "This Afternoon"
All original master recordings, the tracks will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii from June 29 for $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points, 200 Wii Points). They can also be had altogether on 360 and PS3 in the $9.99 (800 MS Points) discount Nickelback Pack.

Perhaps Harmonix felt guilty after the Rock Band Network was reportedly developed under the code name Rock Band: Nickelback "on the theory that the name of the quintessentially generic modern rock group would be enough to deflect all curiosity."