DeathSpank Dated for PS3 and Xbox 360

Ron Gilbert, one of the creators of The Secret of Monkey Island, will be releasing his new game, DeathSpank, in July. The action-RPG is loaded with humor and loot and will be released on the PlayStation Network on July 13 and on Xbox Live Arcade on July 14.


The downloadable game will run $14.99 (1200 MS Points) and include local co-op gameplay with player 1 manning DeathSpank and player 2 controlling his sidekick, Sparkles the Wizard.

"Along the way DeathSpank and Sparkles will rescue some orphans, defeat a local tyrant, help an aging adventurer, and dive headlong into an even deeper mystery in an epic action-RPG that includes collecting loot, solving crazy puzzles, witty dialogue, collecting loot, a ton of weapons, fun and accessible action, and of course, collecting loot."

A PC version is also planned, but no release date or pricing is known at this time.