Retailers List Kinect at $150

BOOM widget 134700 Though Microsoft has yet to announce how much Kinect for Xbox 360 will run when the motion-sensing camera launches November 4, various retailers--including the Microsoft Store itself--have priced the add-on at $149.99.

However, both Amazon.com and GameStop note that official pricing has yet to be announced, cautioning that the price is an estimate and subject to change--a statement curiously absent from the Microsoft Store listing. In addition, all three retailers offer guarantees that if the price should change, pre-orders will reflect the lower price.

In related news, Microsoft recently responded to concerns that Kinect's tracking technology would not function properly in-game if the player was sitting down, telling Kotaku that "sitting is something we're still calibrating for" but assuring the site that "entertainment" features, like gesture-controlled movie playback, will work at launch.

[Update - Jun 23, 2010 10:30am CST] The Microsoft Store now states "Official pricing has not been announced. $149.99 is an estimate only and subject to change."