LEGO Universe Media Teases October Release

Plastic adventurers and would-be engineers have something to look forward to this October, when LEGO Universe snap-clicks its way onto store shelves. No fewer than four new trailers and ten new screenshots have been released to help get folks excited.


Developed by The LEGO Group, LEGO Universe enters the massively multiplayer online arena with a robust suite of tools players can use to build to their heart's desires, alongside the more standard questing and combat. The new screenshots above and the trailers below give a good idea of what's in store.

On October 12, LEGO fans ("Founders") will be able to purchase the game exclusively from official LEGO outlets (LEGO Stores, LEGO Online Shop, and LEGOLAND). LEGO Universe will launch via all other standard retail channels on October 26.

All four trailers follow.

BOOM video 5533

BOOM video 5530

BOOM video 5531

BOOM video 5532