Zeno Clash Dev's 'Rock of Ages' Unveiled

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ACE Team's mysterious project Rock of Ages has been revealed by publisher Atlus to be "a game of fast-paced strategy, high art... and gigantic boulders of doom" every bit as surreal and charming as one would expect from the developer of Zeno Clash.

Players will construct defences and summon armies to protect their castle from a gigantic rampaging moon-faced boulder--which their opponent gets to control, smashing along a course towards your citadel. Multiplayer will be on offer, with support to crush your chums in local or online play.

"In addition to offering different terrains and challenges," Atlus reveals, "your boulder will crash through different periods of classical art, introducing the player to a variety of authentic art styles and music from throughout much of human history." Quite splendid.

Rock of Ages is slated for a spring 2011 downloadable release at an unknown price on unannounced platforms. PC and Xbox 360 seem likely targets as Zeno Clash hit both.

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