Supernatural 'NeverDead' Announced by Konami

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 16, 2010 3:18pm PDT Metal Gear Acid director Shinta Nojiri is working with Aliens vs. Predator developer Rebellion on a supernatural action game, titled NeverDead, starring an immortal hero, publisher Konami announced at its E3 press conference today.

Set in a "fantasy and horror-influenced universe of the near-future where supernatural battles between humans and extraordinary creatures span a vast city landscape," NeverDead is a third-person action title with a hero whose bodyparts can safely detach hilariously.

"Players wield a unique butterfly design-inspired sword and an arsenal of guns, which are used to decimate waves of unholy enemies, and can rebuild their battle-weary body by collecting and repairing any lost limbs, and reattaching them," Konami explains.

NeverDead is headed to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at an unknown time.

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  • This game looks like a great idea, especially with him losing limbs and the Bruce Campbell-like attitude. I love the twisted sense of humor. What has me very doubtful about it is that Rebellion is involved. Like AvP, this could EASILY become a great idea that's half-assed and quickly abandoned after release, aside from the disconcertingly disconnected attempt to milk the nearly non-existing community with oddly inappropriate DLC.

    Yeah, a hint of poetry is required to help express just how badly Rebellion Fails (capital "F" intended).