Dead Space 2 E3 Clip Pukes in Your Face

A short and delightfully unpleasant Dead Space 2 gameplay clip has risen from the sordid depths of E3, showing what happens when necrotic bodily fluids are imbibed.

Those of a nervous disposition may wish to look away as, after failing a quick-time event, Isaac has the charmingly-named 'Puker' spew copious amounts of vomit into his face--something he does now have--but it's all too much for the poor dear and in revulsion he falls to his knees, puking up his puke and the Puker's puke until he croaks.

Dead Space 2, then, by Visceral Games--a video game which is due out for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 25, 2011, EA announced today, and has vomit.

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