Homefront E3 2010 Trailer Shows Chilling Future War

By Brian Leahy, Jun 11, 2010 1:40pm PDT The E3 2010 trailer for THQ and Kaos Studios' Homefront paints the picture of a future war between an aggressive North Korea and the United States on our own soil in 2027.

The trailer is good at setting the mood with a mix of real world and live-action footage filmed for the game. Sadly, no gameplay is shown.

Expect more on the game out of E3 2010, which kicks off next week.

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  • In my remake of Red Dawn it would have the North Koreans participating in the amphibious landing on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in CA. I mean in the original it followed a Cuban contingent that did an airborne drop into Midwest USA. So this is in line with the larger invasion of America by the Soviets, rather than one small country with limited resources taking on the invasion of America by themselves.

    Even the DPRK guys in Crysis made some sense since it's in the future, side story mention of their resurgence, and it was in the Pacific. By DPRK power projection is pretty damn weak anyways so they can't take on huge endeavors of military logistics or projection. This game is too over the top and I thought their last game Frontlines was a lot more in tune with a futuristic projection of a energy resource war than this title.