PlayStation 3 Dropping to $199? [Update: No]

By Chris Faylor, Jun 10, 2010 1:29pm PDT

[Update - 4:20pm CST] "This is just an error on the website," a representative of Sony Computer Entertainment America tells Shacknews.

[Original] With E3 2010 kicking off next week, a PlayStation 3 price drop may be impending, as maker Sony's official Sony Style store claims the console can be had "Starting at $199.99."

The text has remained unchanged for nearly a day. Actually clicking on it, however, reveals that the store is selling the PlayStation 3 at current prices--a 120GB model for $299.99 and a 250GB model for $349.99.

The phrase appears on the heavily-promoted "3D World" section of the site, though another portion, this one dedicated to Blu-ray, correctly shows the PlayStation 3 as "Starting at $299.99." Shacknews has reached out to Sony for comment.

Rivals Microsoft and Nintendo have both dropped the prices of their respective Xbox 360 and Wii consoles across the past year, with both available at $199.99. A higher-priced model of the Xbox 360 is also available at $299.99 and includes a 120GB hard drive.

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  • The slim and the previous price drop almost has me. At $199 it will be an economical media player. Only $50 bucks more that that wicked new WD Media Live player with Netflix Streaming, but with a built in bluray player that actually works with new titles. While my 360 handles the gaming duties this will make a fine bedroom Media center (and who knows maybe eventually there will be an exclusive PS3 game I'll want). I know I'm not the sort of customer that Sony wants as I won't be buying software to help subsidize the cost of the player, but I know I'm nowhere close to alone on that.