Evening Reading: Holding Down the Fort

By Jeff Mattas, Jun 03, 2010 5:00pm PDT A couple of weeks from now, the Tasmanian Devil-like gaming maelstrom called E3 will be over. For now, schedules are being finalized, appointments are getting booked, and stomachs are gurgling with equal parts stress and excitement. Yep. It's that time of year again.

Garnett and Brian are out recording the Weekend Confirmed podcast, Alice is likely asleep in the UK, and Mr. Faylor is very much enjoying his recently-acquired Kindle. And me? As the title of this evening's chatty suggests, I'm just keepin' the home fires burning, while trying not to let all the time I've been spending in Rockstar's Wild West epic completely destroy my social life.

Also, don't forget that "Game 1" of the NBA finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics airs this evening. Regardless of the outcome, I predict an all-out war.

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  • Modern Warfare 2 OVERPRICED Resurgence Pack (Wo)Menz

    For those of you stupid enough to keep going back to that game like myself, post your initial impressions.

    Fuel - I really dislike big maps in a non-Ground War setting but this one wasn't too bad. Lots of neat little ways to get into the buildings. I'm not much of a sniper but apparently this is THE map to snipe on.

    Carnival - I LOVE this map. Theres so many neat little things about this map. I feel like its the perfect size with alot going on. STEALTH CLOWN LOLOLOL

    Trailer Park - While I'm not a huge fan of this map I have been posting some pretty good numbers on it. Very Salvage like but not as boring. I fortunately haven't run into alot of OMA/DC Grenade Launchers on it yet but I'm sure it will be rage inducing on this map.

    Strike - I like the changes they made to certain areas, it definitely flows better. I loved this map in COD4.

    Vacant - Haven't played it yet but it was my absolute favorite in COD4, only thing I'm afraid of is the ridiculous grenade/noob tube spots in this map. I'm seeing Multi-Kills right off the bat down the hallway from spawn every game.