Hydro Thunder Hurricane Video Bonanza

BOOM widget 101825 With the "Summer 2010" release window of Hydro Thunder Hurricane approaching, developer Vector Unit has passed along six new videos, detailing more of the tracks and modes found in the downloadable racing sequel.

The first game out of Vector Unit--founded by Blood Wake veterans Ralf Knoesel and Matt Small--Hydro Thunder Hurricane is exclusive to the Xbox 360. Alongside single-player, the game will pack eight-person online play and four-player split-screen.

Monster Island / Race

Monster Island is a circuit track - players complete 3 laps to finish the race. In this tropical island course, the water level around the temple section drops, forcing players to take different paths around the temple on each lap and finally allowing them access to the temple's inner sanctum.
BOOM video 5235

Lake Powell / Ring Master

Ring Master is one of the new game modes introduced in HTH. Players slalom through ring gates to beat time challenges and earn medals. In this video, Razorback (sporting the unlockable black R.I.B.S. skin) takes on an Expert level Ring Master course - the gates are much smaller, the course layout and the finishing times required for trophies are more challenging.
BOOM video 5233

Area 51 / Race

Area 51 is an all-new completely original level created for Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Players penetrate deep into the mysterious inner research labs of Area 51, dodging military patrol boats, futuristic machinery, and UFOs.
BOOM video 5228

Paris Sewers / Gauntlet

Gauntlet is another new game mode in HTH. It's essential a time trial with exploding barrels. In the Paris Sewers course - another circuit track - players dodge barges on the Seine and dive down into the steampunk depths beneath the city. In addition to shortcuts and whirlpools, the track features triggerable water levels that can be used to flummox opponent boats in multiplayer games.
BOOM video 5236

Tsunami Bowl / Ring Master

Another Ring Master Course. In this example, Thresher is racing in a Pro class Ring Master layout - you'll notice the gates are a little wider than in the Razorback video. The Ring Master courses offer a fun challenge while introducing players to shortcuts and alternate paths they might otherwise miss in Race mode. In addition, this video shows off the "Leaderboard Opponent" feature, in which Xbox LIVE subscribers can race against their friends' split times.
BOOM video 5234

Lost Babylon / Race

Lost Babylon is another all-new track. The race course features a number of triggerable gates and ramps, as well as multiple levels of water that cross over and under each other.
BOOM video 5237