Morning Discussion

I find the PhysX and other video card brand-exclusive physics bells and whistles that are so popular these days to be troublesome. I do like the look of the various smoke, glass and fabric effects developers are rolling out but their exclusivity is unfortunate.

If I happen to buy the make of card that doesn't open up whizz-bangs in certain games, then so be it--they don't factor into my purchase decisions. No, I'll simply be resentful and become increasingly annoyed by the whole thing. PC gaming.

Everyone was glad when the early 3D card wars ended and standards where mostly settled upon. One card might be faster than another but they would generally at least look the same and offer the same features. How brilliant it was not to no longer weigh up Glide support against 32-bit colour! I hope this will all physics wars guffins will all be resolved and blow over before anyone finds an actual meaningful use for it.

The final matches of Shacker pancake_humper's community StarCraft II beta tournament were broadcast last night. You can watch them on Loiosh's Justin.tv stream, complete with commentary from Blucklesworth. Give 'em a watch. Congratulations to all the winners, who I understand will score copies of the game.

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