Black Prophecy Screenshots Show Shipbuilding

Ship customisation is the focus of a new batch of screenshots for Neocron developer Reakktor's space MMO Black Prophecy, showing how players design their own vessels.

Spaceships in Black Prophecy are modular, composed of a cockpit, left and right wings and engines, with the option to add up to four "normal" weapons plus a shield generator and rocket launcher with "up to two rockets" depending on what you fancy flying.


"Ship classes are not assigned or set but are defined by the modules used," Reakktor explains. "This allows players to install the strongest weapons and heaviest shields and prowl around outer space like a tank. If that's not really your style, then choose smaller weapons and lighter armor and use your increased mobility to your advantage against slower opponents." Pilots are able to target specific modules to cripple ships.

Publisher gamigo recently revealed that Black Prophecy will be released under a free-to-play model when it arrives on PC some time this year. And because we haven't posted it before, check out the fast-paced trailer from GDC 2010 below.

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