Namco Bandai Partners Supporting "Always On" DRM Idea

By Brian Leahy, May 31, 2010 9:00am PDT Namco Bandai Partners VP, Olivier Comte, in speaking with CVG has called Ubisoft's always-on DRM solution for PC games "a good strategy" in the absence of an alternative.

This comes just a day after Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce called the fight against piracy with DRM a "losing battle."

The full explanation from Namco's Comte, who's company is publishing Test Drive Unlimited 2 and The Witcher 2, goes a little something like this:

I will be very honest. I think it's a good [approach] for one reason: I have no alternative today. Is the best one? Certainly not but as of today if I can make something else I'll do it, but it's better to do something than not do something.

Surprisingly, Comte also admits that regardless of the DRM system is utilized, "it'll be cracked in Russia... two hours before putting it out." Seems like a good reason to punish paying customers. I cannot say for sure, but perhaps Namco Bandai will face some backlash for backing Ubisoft on this one.

This shouldn't serve as a confirmation of always-on DRM for the two games mentioned, but it seems likely. Console versions of both titles will also be released.

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  • Here's my problem with these DRM schemes...they (at least UBI's the last time I checked) stop your game when your connection goes down even momentarily. Look, a lot of people don't have connections that are completely reliable...hell I have satellite (its the only option I have other than 550 dollars a month for T1...and I'm seriously looking at DSL, no cable, no EVDO out here)...satellite is horribly unreliable.

    If they could make this work so that as a paying customer I would never have problems with it...if it just worked...I'd be fine with it, so long as a commitment was made to remove this DRM whenever they took the servers down. Hell, if they made this less restrictive so that if my connection goes down it doesn't immediately kick me out of the game (and when it did it would give me an option to save my place)...I could live with that.

    As it is now I can't support this approach. I can't support titles that have this...and I won't buy them on the console either (I was going to buy AC2 on the I won't buy it on either the PC or the console until this DRM is removed or at least made reasonable on the PC side).