Call of Duty: Black Ops First Look Preview

By Brian Leahy, May 28, 2010 9:00am PDT Last week, at a pre-E3 event, Activision showed members of the press portions of two missions from Treyarch's upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game, set during the Cold War era, looks to follow in the footsteps of Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2. This isn't a bad thing.

I was shown portions of two levels, each different in intensity and objective. The first, began at a US Air Force base with the player and a co-pilot hopping into an experimental plane and taking off to provide surveillance to special ops soldiers on the ground at a Russian weapons facility.

The player controls the camera and directs the soldiers via a mini-RTS interface, having the men take up positions and hide from Russian patrols. When the danger has passed, the game shifts to the perspective of one of the foot soldiers on the fly.

The mission continues in classic Call of Duty fashion--up in the snowy mountains and very reminiscent of Modern Warfare 2. What begins as a stealth infiltration quickly turns into a frantic firefight leading to a quick escape from Russian reinforcements. The set pieces are great and the environments look fantastic, if not better than what you've seen in MW2. Treyarch has really stepped up its game.

The second mission was set during the height of the Vietnam War as American forces, attempting to stop a brutal massacre, are caught in the thick of it as the player's helicopter is shot down. The player and his ally make their way through buildings making use of a semi-automatic shotgun with incendiary rounds. Ammo and gun modifications will be at the forefront of Black Ops' offering.

Eventually reaching the street, the player is given the ability to call in for helicopter support to level buildings full of enemies and destroy tanks. The mayhem is bloody and impressive. What we were shown is definitely looking good, especially given that Treyarch has more development time left to polish and fine tune.

Multiplayer was not discussed or shown, but I would assume ammo modifications and weapon attachments will play a big role, possibly mirroring MW2's unlock system.

We'll find out more at E3 2010, which kicks off on June 15th.

Helmed by Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty: World at War developer Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops hits PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii on November 9, 2010.

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  • I actually do like the setting for this game much more than MW2 and it has dedicated servers. There's a chance I may like this game better than MW2 and maybe as much as MW1 on the multiplayer side.

    AND it should have lots of AKs...and I love AKs and soviet/com-bloc weaponry in general (I want fucking AK47s, AKMs, vz.58s, Type-56s Underfolders, Krinkovs, RPKs, RPDs, PKMs, Dragunov SVDs, Romanian FPK/PSL type rifles, Makorov pistols, CZ52s, the polish 9x18 pistols I can't remember the number of, etc).

    And if anything takes place in the 80's then I really really want some CZ-82s. Great pistols, 9x18 double stack with the most amazing double action trigger ever and they were insanely accurate and capable of firing off some really high pressure rounds that the Czechs used. And if we're doing the late 70s and early 80s...why not some AK74s as well.