Green Day: Rock Band Demo Arrives on XBLM, Teases Keyboards in Rock Band 3

A 307MB downloadable demo for Green Day: Rock Band has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace, bearing a teasing image suggesting Rock Band 3 features keyboard according to reports on Destructoid and verified by our resident RB fanatic 'Masem.'


The exit screen of the two-song demo teases Rock Band 3 with icons for its four traditional instruments--guitar, drums, bass and vocals--plus a keyboard of some sort. It also suggests vocal harmonies will become a permanent fixture, having been featured in The Beatles: Rock Band and GD:RB. Rock Band 3 is due out this holiday season on unconfirmed platforms, with its instrument controllers made by Mad Catz.

As for Green Day: Rock Band, that arrives for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii on June 8, packing support for exporting its forty-seven tracks to any core Rock Band title. The demo is currently available to Live Gold subscribers only and will expire on July 13.