Crackdown 2 Short Films Start with 'Home Truths'

Ten years have passed in Pacific City, Crackdown's chaotic metropolis. With Crackdown 2 slated for a July release date, Ruffian Games has announced a five-part mini-series meant to reintroduce a city that's seen ten years of disease and turmoil since players last frolicked there in the 2007 game.

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The first short, penned by Ruffian Games senior designer Ed Campbell and illustrated by artist Alex Ronald, explains what happened to Pacific City and the Agency during the interim. Titled "Home Truths," the first episode also introduces new factions called "The Cell" and the "Freaks," as well as a mysterious individual named Catalina Thorne.

If this first episode piques your interest, the remaining four episodes will be released on YouTube, based on the following schedule:

  • Episode 2 - May 28
  • Episode 3 - June 4
  • Episode 4 - June 11
  • Episode 5 - June 21
Crackdown 2 is due out exclusively for the Xbox 360 on July 6 in North America, July 8 in New Zealand and Australia, and July 9 in Europe.