Namco Bandai Working on RPG Textbooks for Schools

BOOM widget 127091 Andriasang (via Joystiq) reports that Japanese video game company Namco Bandai is working with textbook publishing company Gakko Tosho to bring RPG elements and narrative story to school books.

Math textbooks are among the initial plan, with each volume containing "a problem corner titled 'Math Adventure.' Students follow an RPG-like storyline as they solve problems. Get the correct answer, and you earn keys. Collect all the keys, and you earn a treasure of some form. This 'game' has clearly defined characters -- for example, Yuto, who was born on July 25, is full of energy but is bad at math."

Additional textbooks for science and language arts are also being produced with the goal of introducing them in classrooms by next spring.

As far as energizing students, it's certainly a better idea than translating Shakespeare into text message slang.