Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, May 21, 2010 5:00am PDT

Good morning, class. Your task today is to study the history of PC sound devices as told by The Secret of Monkey Island. Complete your work to a satisfactory standard and I won't tell Dr. Breckon what an awful bunch of slackers you've been during his sabbatical.

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  • Somedays I really hate that I do anything with computers.

    Forefront Client Security server won't work on Server 2008 64bit. I wrestle with getting the server reloaded with Server 2003 and then realize I burned enterprise when I needed to burn standard.

    Office 2010 makes you click on five hundred things to print now.

    We switched to Exchange UM at our location, so no one knows how to read instructions and can't figure out anything, even though I sent out emails as far back as a month ago letting them know about this.


  • RDR Impressions and Story (Minor Spoilers)

    So, despite my apprehension about the game's apparently slow pace (at least compared to GTAIV) I decided to trust the ShackHypeHiveMind and go out and purchase a copy of Red Dead Redemption for some single-player entertainment.. (my Live account expired a while ago so no multiplayer for me unless I renew it :/)

    Ok, quite a bit of riding around and listening to dialogue. I want to get to some damn serious combat already!!

    So anyway, after some Bonnie missions and just generally getting a feel for the game controls and environment, I'm just cruising back to the ranch, shooting some wildlife, picking up feathers and eyeing the scenery when I come across what looks to be a sheriff of some kind, with a nasty leg wound. Two prisoners had just broken out and fucked him up, and he needs me to round em up and dispense some Wild West justice. Sweet. Eager for some action, I hop on my horse, Spartacus, and from the kick in his trot he already knows the situation is about to get hairy.

    I catch up to one of the dirty criminal bastards and hogtie him, leaving him in the grass to dispense some extra justice later while I catch the second guy. I turn west to catch up to outlaw #2, toss my rope around him and let Spartacus go wild while the poor bastard gets dragged through the brush. I thought I had a bad mouth but you should've heard this guy. Every profanity possible, about how he was going to fucking kill me and cut my scalp off. After about a good mile of dragging, kicking and screaming, we get back to the injured lawman who sent me on this mission. I figured I could turn this beat-up motherfucker in, say the other one got away and then go back to his hogtied body just around sunset to enforce some real law.

    Apparently the lawman isn't satisfied with this, as the game won't let me deliver only one prisoner. Oh well, I mumble to myself, guess I'll have to make new plans for sunset. I ride back to the first prisoner, still hogtied in the grass, throw him on Spartacus's back and bring him in.

    This is when the story gets ugly. The injured lawman apparently can't control himself and puts a bullet in each of the two prisoners' heads. Are you fucking kidding me, man? I could have done that 30 minutes ago and gone out hunting or some shit. Spartacus is tired and weary, and my six-shooter is rusting away in its holster, eager to see some action.

    Am I the righteous vigilante, or am I a dirty murderous scoundrel just as bad as the two bandits lying in pools of blood before me? I stop and watch a rolling tumbleweed which seems to ebb back and forth along the landscape as I weigh the two options in my head. My mind is made up. The answer is, I'm neither good nor evil. Somewhere in between.

    I take out my revolver and put a bullet in his good leg. I think to myself as he squirms in pain, would this have been as fun of he hadn't crossed me? ...Yes, probably. And I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror knowing that I didn't kill an innocent man. Well, provided he survives. I'm sure some other righteous wanderer will take care of him.

    It's about 5 o'clock and my business here is done. Looks like I'll have some hunting time before the sun goes down. I whistle for my horse and when he comes near, the horseshoe brand said "fresh" and had a dice logo engraved on it. I thought for a minute, could this horse be rare, but I thought nah, forget it, yo home to Bel-Air! I rode up to a house, about 7 or 8 and I yelled to Spartacus, yo homes, smell you later! Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there! To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.