UFC 2010 Online Multiplayer Free with New Copies, Costs $5 Otherwise

BOOM widget 363150 Electronic Arts isn't the only company restricting online multiplayer to those that either buy a game new or pay an additional fee, as publisher THQ has now confirmed that Yuke's Osaka's UFC Undisputed 2010 will limit its online multiplayer functionality in a similar manner.

The game, slated to hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 25, will come bundled with a one-use code to unlock its online multiplayer component. Meanwhile, those that play a second-hand copy--used, borrowed, rented, etc.--will need to pay a 400 Microsoft Point / $5 fee to gain online multiplayer access, THQ explained to Destructoid after Pastapadre broke the news.

THQ made no mention of offering a free trial to second-hand players--each of Electronic Arts' "Online Pass" games will include a free seven-day trial for non-new players.

Such efforts mark the latest step as publishers look to recoup the lack of revenue they receive from used game sales. Companies such as Microsoft and Electronic Arts also bundle free downloadable content with new copies of games for similar reasons, with Ubisoft recently noting it "will probably be following that line."