UFC 2010 Online Multiplayer Free with New Copies, Costs $5 Otherwise

By Chris Faylor, May 20, 2010 9:00am PDT Electronic Arts isn't the only company restricting online multiplayer to those that either buy a game new or pay an additional fee, as publisher THQ has now confirmed that Yuke's Osaka's UFC Undisputed 2010 will limit its online multiplayer functionality in a similar manner.

The game, slated to hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 25, will come bundled with a one-use code to unlock its online multiplayer component. Meanwhile, those that play a second-hand copy--used, borrowed, rented, etc.--will need to pay a 400 Microsoft Point / $5 fee to gain online multiplayer access, THQ explained to Destructoid after Pastapadre broke the news.

THQ made no mention of offering a free trial to second-hand players--each of Electronic Arts' "Online Pass" games will include a free seven-day trial for non-new players.

Such efforts mark the latest step as publishers look to recoup the lack of revenue they receive from used game sales. Companies such as Microsoft and Electronic Arts also bundle free downloadable content with new copies of games for similar reasons, with Ubisoft recently noting it "will probably be following that line."

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  • I stick by a point I made a while back. Fighting the used game industry may result in a few extra new sales but it will also cost a lot more. There is a large amount of people out there who can only afford the brand new hit of the week because they can trade in their old games. Some people seem to think if there is no trade in ability or used option, everyone will buy new. Not true. People can't afford what they can't afford. So yes, more new copies will move if used isn't an option, but fewer will move at the same time from not selling to those who couldn't purchase it otherwise. I also find it strange how those are against the used business are against it as a whole. The majority of unique titles (not inventory) but unique titles are in the used section. Why? Because a large percentage of games stop being manufactured new shortly after release. The developers/publishers can't be taking a hit when a product is resold that they're not even selling themselves anymore.

  • A lot of people will complain about this, but what I think EA, and now THQ are doing is this, in case no one else sees it: This is all about stopping the immediate used game-selling at Gamestop, that's it (in my opinion). So within days or a week of a new release, sometimes gamestop has a used game for sale for like $4 or $5 off the retail price. So they will make $55 off of a game, and the publisher/developer will get squat. Some might not care, but a lot of people think this is wrong, and apparently so do some of the publishers.

    So by raising the DLC or "paid content" price by $5, they're trying to get rid of that initial, IMMEDIATE used game sale that gamestop is having. I don't think they care if gamestop sells a game 1 year down the line for $30. I think it's all about that $5 off used game a week after release. This way, a person will see that it will cost them $5 more if they get it used (not to mention some grubby person's dirty grease-stained fingerprints all over the box and disc) so it's worth it to just buy it brand new.

    I'm all for this, because I also don't think it's right that a company like Gamestop can take 90% of the profits a week or so after a new game is released; but at the same time, if I buy it a year down the line, I don't want to have to pay for something if I pick up a used game for $20.

    In my opinion, this should be a timed thing; within 6 months of a new release, buy it new or pay $5 to play it online if you bought it used. I'd 100% support that.