Lead and Gold PC Update Brings New Map, Mode

By Chris Faylor, May 19, 2010 10:20am PDT A new update for Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West PC has been released by developer Fatshark, bringing a new multiplayer map and mode to the shooter.

The new map, Jacob's Bridge, features "an entirely new art set" while the new mode, Demolition, sees the two teams attempting to blow up each other's objectives.

Owners of Lead and Gold PC, which is exclusive to digital distribution outlet Steam, will find their copies of the game automatically updated upon connecting to Steam. No word yet as to if the PlayStation 3 version will be receiving the additional content as well.

The update also brings several other tweaks, detailed in the notes below:

  • New map: Jacob's Bridge. Set in the northern reaches of the Wild West this map features an entirely new art set and support for several game modes Greed, Conquest, Shootout and the new game mode Demolition.
  • New game mode: Demolition pits the two gangs against each other in this Powder Keg spin off. Just as in our much appreciated Powder Keg game mode, the objective is to blow stuff up. This time both gangs play simultaneously as both attackers and defenders in a frantic battle to achieve the goal of destroying the opposing gang's objectives.
  • Added Robbery to Deadwater Ranch and Prospectors Peak
  • Fixed bugs letting players reach the spawns in Fort Turnbull, Sinner's Gulch, Prospectors Peak and Deadwater Ranch
  • Added red outlines to the charge meter on the Buffalo Rifle when it is reloading.
  • Added a new options panel (F2) for the in game help menu including: Switch teams, Change Profession and Vote-kick.
  • Added option to Change Profession at any time in the game. This will kill the character currently played.
  • Added option to Vote-kick players on your own team
  • Added chat to scoreboard (also displays at the end of the round/match)
  • Added additional wanted posters for top three on Most Wanted: CHAOS.BY.DESIGN and DN*ZUGZWANGGROO|P
  • Fixed a bug with SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)
  • Fixed a bug with ingame key mapping

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  • The good news is that this title has fun, addicting, simplistic gameplay. The bad news is, the developer shot themselves in their own foot when releasing an arena style shooter with no dedicated server support. It's pretty much suicide with a game solely based on multiplayer. I would love to know their reasoning behind that decision. They had a great opportunity that they chose not to take. Even if they added it at this point, it wouldn't matter. First impressions are everything, and the majority of the people have left with a bad taste in their mouth due to the server issue and will more than likely never give it another try. Good job, FatShark! I hope you have learned from your mistakes next time 'round.