World of Warcraft Auction House Hits Web, iPhone With Optional Subscription

By Alice O'Connor, May 19, 2010 5:40am PDT The World of Warcraft auction house is now viewable outside Blizzard's MMORPG via the Armory website and iPhone App, which will also allow players to bid on, create and manage auctions if they pay a $2.99 monthly subscription.

The iPhone and web editions.

The free version will allow players to browse the auction house and view the status of their auctions, as the Remote Auction House website details, while the paid version also lets players create, bid on and collect gold from auctions.

The paid features are currently available to all for free while the Remote Auction House is in beta testing, with a limit of 25 transactions per player per day.

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  • Skip the point that people paying a subscription are being asked to pay a little more for a new feature. Consider that we finally have a working example of extending the gaming experience outside of the game and onto another platform. Specifically where you can affect the game. The earlier armory app was just a viewer; as is the free version here. Assuming the adoption rate is interesting enough this could lead to other cross-platform interactions outside of an established game world. Now that could be interesting.

    <insert random comment about Dreamcast almost doing this 20 years ago>