AQUA - Naval Warfare Invades XBLA Wednesday

BOOM widget 100610 Independent developer Games Distillery today announced that its stylish steampunk-y shooter AQUA - Naval Warfare is due to hit Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Arcade download this coming Wednesday, May 19.

The top-down twin-stick shooter sees players warding off various foes all the while "unlocking new ship-types, weapons and upgrades." No word yet on pricing, though such XBLA titles tend to range from 800 Microsoft Points / $10 to 1200 Microsoft Points / $15.

Upon reavling the project in August 2008, Games Distillery noted it was in development for both PC and Xbox 360. However, there's been no mention of that PC version in the press releases since Microsoft signed on to publish the Xbox 360 edition. BOOM video 5018