Morning Discussion

Print is brilliant. While its very existence is apparently threatened each week by some new gadget or other, they only serve to remind me just how brilliant paper is.

I get my world news from a newspaper, though it's a liberal commie rag to some. I eagerly await the next issue of the beautiful magazine Coilhouse or Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic, which I read curled up in a comfy chair. I delight in Solipsistic Pop's fold-outs and supplements. My comics come hardbound where possible, a book is always tucked into my bag and I'm only just getting into zines and comix. Digital simply cannot beat the sensual appeal, ergonomics, readability and physicality.

Of course, as a member of the online media I enjoy the wonders of digital. Surely the future is a web of vacuum tubes encircling the globe, delivering the latest copies of the hottest journals, books, magazines and news bulletins on wonderful dead tree.

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