Castlevania Comes to iPhone in Puzzling Form

BOOM widget 100511 Konami's action-adventure series Castlevania is coming to iPhone and iPod touch, though perhaps not in the form you expect.

Instead of crafting an all-new action game or porting over one of the previous entries, Konami has opted to create a puzzle-RPG based off the vampire slaying series, one that "drops players inside the walls of Dracula's castle challenging them to solve puzzles in order to provide weapons and spells to aid players in their quest" and offers "the option to play as or against characters directly from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night."

Dubbed "Castelvania Puzzle: Encore of the Night," the game due in the iTunes App Store "soon," with no word on pricing. As with all other iPhone and iPod touch offerings, Castlevania Puzzle will be compatible with the iPad, though it isn't an iPad native app.