Fable 3 Dev Diary Shows Off John Cleese

"One of the things about Fable is the humour. People have said 'Ah it's a British humour; it's a bit like Monty Python,'" says segue-master Peter Molyneux in a new Fable III developer diary, barely containing his mirth, "so we went out there and we got the most iconic Monty Python character ever--John Cleese is one of the major players in Fable III."

While Cleese's role as the hero's butler Jasper was already known, the diary entry shows us the gent himself and brings new looks at interface development as well as the importance of politics and promises as players plot to overthrow the cruel monarchy.

Fable III is scheduled for release exclusively on Xbox 360 in the 2010 holiday season, boasting support for Microsoft's motion-sensing controller 'Project Natal.'

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