Walmart Testing Video Game Trade-In Program

Walmart has confirmed to IndustryGamers that is is testing in-store trade-ins and used game sales in five locations.
Walmart is always looking for new ways to help give customers more convenience and savings, and we continually test concepts with new products and businesses in stores and online. We are currently working with Game Trade, a start-up services provider, in a lease agreement to test their Game Trade stores in five Walmart locations.

Last year, Walmart began accepting game trade-ins via kiosks provided by e-Play, which also provided kiosks for some Best Buy locations. e-Play suspended operations in Feburary of this year.

It seems like Walmart is serious about continuing to pursue the used game market. This new plan is different from un-staffed kiosks in that it grants in-store space to Game Trade, which will operate much like Geek Squad does in many Best Buy stores.

Game Trade "will offer previously-owned games, movies and entertainment hardware at competitive values" and accept trade-ins of the same media for store credit or cash.