Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus' DLC Hits PC

As previously promised by publisher Activision, the downloadable "Stimulus Package" add-on for Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available on PC.

The $14.99 add-on, sold via Steam on PC, brings five more multiplayer maps to the popular shooter. Three of those maps--Bailout, Storm and Salvage--are new, with the other two--Crash and Overgrown--returning from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. nope

PlayStation 3 owners will be able to purchase the $14.99 add-on later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, per the console's weekly PlayStation Store updates.

In celebration, "Infinity Ward will host nearly a week of Double XP for PlayStation Network and PC gamers May 4 - 9," publisher Activision noted in today's press release.

Released on Xbox 360 in March 2010, the "Stimulus Package" add-on was a timed exclusive for the console and shattered several records following its release. A second add-on is also in the works, and will likewise be available to Xbox 360 players first.