Morning Discussion

Today is a day of many things. Some good, some bad, but all right for today.

If, like me, you were working on May Day or just fancy repeating the experience, crank up the unofficial soundtrack to May Day and hold your pig's bladder high with pride.

Alternatively, remember the Kent State shootings. Are we not men? We are devo.

If you fancy something lighter, well, May the Fourth be with you, I suppose.

I caught a double-bill of Luc Besson's films Leon and The Fifth Element at the cinema last night. Seeing The Fifth Element for the first time in a while, I kicked myself for not thinking of the film while I was playing Mass Effect 2.

The Fifth Element and Mass Effect 2 share a splendid philosophy of bold, coherent and comprehensive visual design, which makes their worlds feel more alive and interesting than the usual collection of sci-fi styles thrown together then buried in murk. Purposely hyperreal video games--more of them please! Leon, of course, remains splendid.

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