Mass Effect 2 "Equalizer Pack" DLC Out Tomorrow

BOOM widget 126843 Tomorrow, BioWare will release a new piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC titled the "Equalizer Pack". It'll run you 160 MS Points (Xbox 360) or 160 BioWare Points (PC), which amounts to $2.

The pack includes the Capacitor Helmet, Archon Visor, and Inferno Armor (pictured left).

The Capacitor Helmet stores power for kinetic barriers, allowing Shepard's shields to recharge faster. The Archon Visor manages omni-tools and biotic amps, reducing the recharge time of Shepard's powers. The powered Inferno Armor speeds up Shepard's movements and increases his tech and biotic power damage, additionally stress analysis software even gives him an edge in negotiations outside of combat.

The Inferno Armor was previously available as a pre-order bonus.