New Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation, Versus Poll, and a Plushy Boomer?

BOOM widget 126842 The new weekly mutations for Left 4 Dead 2 are changing up the game in some creative ways. Through this framework, Valve can push live weekly gametypes that do not require additional assets to play, but change up the game in significant ways.

This week, players can try out "Bleed Out":

New Mutation

Bleed Out

Your health is a ticking away!

With constant mobs chasing you, there's no time for standing around. You have no permanent health, only temporary health that is continuously ticking away. You won't find any health packs to restore your health, only pills and adrenaline. This mutation is for Campaign mode.

Additionally, polls are now being conducted in-game. The first poll asked users who their favorite L4D2 character was and the results varied by platform. On the Xbox 360, players preferred Ellis, while PC gamers were split between Ellis and Nick.

This week's poll asks if Realism Versus, last week's mutation, should be made a permanant gameplay mode. Voting on the Xbox 360 requires "The Passing" DLC.

Finally, and most importantly, this Boomer plushy (seen above) is now available from the Valve Store and will run you $49.99.