Turn-Based Tactical Game 'Frozen Synapse' Pre-Order Beta Begins

BOOM widget 99923 Indie developer Mode 7 Games has announced that the beta version of its PC simultaneous turn-based tactical title Frozen Synapse is now available to all who have pre-ordered.

The Frozen Synapse puts players in charge of a small squad, attempting to outwit the enemy in turn-based action. Both sides' turns, however, are then played out simultaneously in real-time--similar to Blendo Games' Flotilla.

As the trailer below details, Frozen Synapse currently features four multiplayer modes, two singleplayer modes and a suite of community features, with a full singleplayer campaign is planned for the final release. Frozen Synapse is currently scheduled for release on PC in "late 2010," also heading to Mac "eventually."

Frozen Synapse can be pre-ordered from Mode 7 in three packages ranging from $25.99 to $34.99, all with a "free" second beta key and full copy of the game for a chum.

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