DotA-alike Heroes of Newerth Launching in May

Savage developer S2 Games has announced that its PC competitive tactical action-RPG Heroes of Newerth will officially launch at 4pm EST on May 12.

Directly inspired by the popular Warcraft III custom game Defense of the Ancients, Heroes of Newerth pits two teams of up to five player-controlled 'champions' against each other to destroy the other's base amidst an endless battle between NPC warriors.


"We plan to consistently update HoN with lots of new heroes, items, features, and other goodies throughout the product life cycle for free," S2 explains. The developer also hints that there might be optional microtransaction extras, revealing that "accounts will be able to acquire Taunt and other cool account features post release."

Currently in open beta, Heroes of Newerth can be pre-purchased for $30 direct from S2. From 4pm EST on May 5, this will also allow you to reserve your in-game nickname or lay claim to the nickname of any account that hasn't pre-purchased.