Two More Bots for Transformers: War For Cybertron

Two more playable Transformers for War For Cybertron have been revealed: Warpath and Barricade.

nope Transformers: War For Cybertron will be released on June 22 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A Wii game will also be released, though it is not a port of the PS3/360 version. Twin DS versions are also in the pipe; one for the Autobots and one for the Decepticons. Keep reading in-depth stats and descriptions of the two new bots.



Class: Soldier

Chassis: Tank

Primary Weapon: Neutron Repeater

Abilities: Guided Missile, Barrier

Description: Warpath is loud, confident, skilled and devoted to his fellow Autobots. He is also partially deaf from his amazingly large cannon. His favorite past time is showing his friends how he can split a hex nut a mile and a half away with his tank gun. Extremely well armored to go along with his extreme stubbornness and thick skull, Warpath always loves to press the battle to the Decepticons.

BARRICADE Decepticon

Class: Scout

Chassis: Car

Primary Weapon: Neutron Repeater

Abilities: Shockwave, Cloak

Description: Barricade is a true speed demon, powering his engine to speeds faster than some jets. He is a brutal leader on the battlefield, scolding Decepticons that do not perform up to his and Megatron's standards. His favorite tactic is to goad Autobots into transforming and chasing him, then taking the Autobots on fatal routes that only he can navigate.