119th Team Fortress 2 Update Celebrated With Medals; Valve Statues, Life-Size Props Announced

Never one to follow convention, Team Fortress 2 developer Valve Software is celebrating the class-based shooter's 119th update with a grand bonanza that will reward players with gold, siver or bronze in-game medals according to their veterancy.

'Grizzled Veterans' who began playing within the first three months after release will receive the top medal, followed by 'Soldiers of Fortune' who started within three months to a year after release, while 'Weekend Warriors' who began after then will receive bronze medals. Valve has yet to reveal when exactly players will be decorated.

As if the 119th update were not cause enough for celebration, Valve also revealed that it has joined forces with merchandiser The IP Factory to produce fine artefacts based upon its games. Sold at Gaming Heads, the Valve collection will include 18-inch statues from Half Life 2, 12-inch Left 4 Dead 2 statues and 12-inch TF2 statues, starting with a Heavy in both Red and Blu. As Portal products were announced but not specified, it's not unlikely that the puzzler will inspire some of the "life size props" also promised.

Valve also uncovered documents from 1901 announcing Steam, a new delivery service by Newell and Sons used to speedily deliver products including its board game Teams and Fortresses by pneumatic tunnel at speeds of up to 200mph.