Evening Reading: What a Day!

By Brian Leahy, Apr 29, 2010 5:00pm PDT Bungie establishes a publishing alliance with Activision! The StarCraft II Mac client is released! The Halo: Reach Friends & Family beta kicks off!

Madness in the streets! Cats and dogs living together!

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  • A couple of Bungie staff interviews after the announcement of the publishing contract with Activision:

    Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander interviews Joseph Staten: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/28310/Interview_Bungie_Not_Concerned_At_All_About_Infinity_Ward_Drama.php

    "Our situation is so fundamentally different that we're not concerned at all," says Staten. "It's been really great getting to know the Activision executive team. It's not every day that I have a chance to sit down with the president of the world's biggest entertainment publisher and have him spend a couple of hours talking about the story and characters we created."

    Kotaku's Stephen Totilo interviews Brian Jarrard: http://kotaku.com/5527333/bungies-grand-plans-for-their-first-post+halo-action-game?skyline=true&s=i

    Earlier reports from Activision that Bungie's first game with the Call of Duty publisher will be on "all platforms" may have oversimplified things. "To be honest we don't have a 100% plan as to when, where and how our new universe will be accessible," Jarrard said. When pressed if that meant that even handhelds and computers were possible for Bungie's game, instead of just the expected Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s of the world, Jarrard said that "anything we feel has a creative fit to the game experiences as a meaningful experience for fans is on the table.

    "It's our creative vision we're going to execute on," Jarrard said. "It's certainly not going to be the case where we're just going to 'Have to put our games on x number of devices.' It's going to be the ones that make the most sense."