Guild Wars 2 'Elementalist' Class Revealed

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 29, 2010 9:20am PDT Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has posted a pair of sizeable websites updates covering the PC MMORPG sequel's 'Elementalist' class and the intricacies of its combat.

As in the original Guild Wars, players will be able to use a limited number of skills at once--ten this time around, though five are automatically decided by your weapon and class. Positioning will remain an important element of combat, with more involved combos between players than before.

Publisher NCsoft once had Guild Wars 2 scheduled for release in 2010 or 2011, though all ArenaNet is willing to say is that Guild Wars 2 will be out "when it's done."

Accompanying the updates are five short videos showing off a selection of the Elementalist's skills, starting with the Guild Wars fan favourite Meteor Shower.

Next up is the revamped Churning Earth.

Followed by the new Water Trident.

Then Static Field.

And finally Phoenix.

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