Halo: Reach Beta FAQ Launches Along With End Date

Bungie has published the FAQ for the Halo: Reach beta on its website along with a sad note: the beta is currently scheduled to end of May 19th.

nope That's a mere 16 days to play the beta (or more if you win our beta key giveaway for early access). Of course, this is all subject to change. Halo 3's beta was extended after some technical difficulties.

Bungie has also laid out the plans for when specific playlists and gametypes go active:

  • Grab Bag - May 3
  • Free For All - May 3
  • Arena - May 3
  • Invasion - May 7
  • Network Test 1 - May 14
Network Test 1 is the internal name for the Spartans vs. Elites 3-on-3 Generator Defense gametype.